Whew Technology!

Who knew there were so many ways to keep in touch! I have set up Twitter, Flickr, and my blog to make sure all you readers are kept up to speed throughout the summer. I know it sounds complicated but I have done all the work for you, and you just have to follow these easy steps to keep in touch.


On the right sidebar there is a “Subscribe to my Blog” option, add your email address in that box and you will get an email every time I put up a posting. This will be way easier than trying to remember to check my blog all of the time.


To post to my blog I need to have reliable internet. I will likely be able to visit an internet cafe fairly regularly (definition of regularly depends on how rural you are) but in the mean time I will ‘tweet’ what I am up to. This is possible because you can tweet from your cell phone through text message.

Good news, you DON’T need a Twitter account to follow along. On the right sidebar of this blog my tweets will show up so you can see them without visiting another site. There is a way to get a text message update every time I tweet. To do this go to https://twitter.com/lhockin2, click ‘Get Started Now’ then make a profile. Once you have a profile return to my website and click ‘Follow,’ then make sure make sure the first circle beside the word ‘Following’ is green (it looks like a little phone). If all works out, you should get a text message every time I tweet).

I am very new to Twitter so if any of this did not work, I apologize, let me know with a comment below and I will look into what is wrong above.  I will also update if there is a need to do anything differently to follow while I am in a different country.


Flickr is a webpage that allows you to display photos.  On the right sidebar of my blog under ‘Photos of my Summer’ if you click on either the photo or ‘more photos’ it will take you to my Flickr page and you can see all the photos that I have uploaded. There is a way to follow along so you get an email update when I put up new pictures, you are welcome to do that but I think your email inbox might get a bit full and I will likely make a blog post at the same time so I would recommend just subscribing to my blog.


On the right side bar there are sections that link to other volunteers’ blog (i.e. David Marmor in Ghana’ will take you to David Marmor’s blog when you click on it.

Final Note

I do not know how many of these sites, etc I will be able to use throughout the summer but I will try my best to communicate as often as possible at least through tweets. The good news is my blog is your one stop shop to see what I am working on, see Twitter updates when I am without internet, see my photos and contact me with any questions through comments.

I will also have a cell phone that I will purchase once I am in Malawi, email me (lhockin2@gmail.com) around May 17th if you would like to know the number or email me your phone number now and I will text you when the phone is all set up.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cathy Sandy on April 14, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Love keepng in touch
    Gram S.


  2. Posted by Nikki on April 20, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Hi, I was just doing some research about Western and saw your name in association with Engineers Without Borders. Are you aware of the non profit organization called Potters without Borders? They are based out of BC and have been involved in many projects in Africa and South America. They work with local potters to set up ceramic filter workshops which are used to filter whatever water is available to a drinkable state. It is very low-tech and the technology is considered ‘open source’ which means there are no copy rights etc. The filters are made by local potters and then widely distributed in the area. You may want to check out this website: http://potterswithoutborders.com/. I know that one of the key potters involved was recently in Rwanda and Kenya and may still be there right now. For any person working with water issues in the developing world this is a very interesting organization.


  3. Tell me about it eh lauren? I’m trying to get my picassa photos to show up on my blog right now… nightmare.


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