About EWB Canada

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada creates opportunities for rural Africans to access clean water, generate an income from small farms, and have improved access to the services and infrastructure they need to improve their lives. EWB harnesses the problem-solving approach and creative pragmatism of the Canadian engineering sector to address the root causes of poverty in rural Africa. To learn more about EWB Canada and the work that we are doing visit: http://www.ewb.ca/en/index.html

In Africa, EWB works in four countries; Malawi, Zambia, Ghana andBurkina Faso, see the map below.

In Canada, EWB works to raise awareness among Canadians to the impact of their actions on the daily lives of rural Africans. Through youth engagement and engineering curriculum enhancement we promote critical thought and initiative in Canada’s youth. Through public outreach we promote global citizenship and ethical consumerism in Canadians of all ages. Through advocacy we promote and hold our government accountable to better foreign policies and through all this we are building social justice leaders across Canada.

This summer I am working as a Junior Fellow with EWB project to improve access to clean water in Malawi. To learn more about EWB’s water access programs in Malawi visit:http://www.ewb.ca/en/whatwedo/overseas/projects/wateraccess_malawi.html

If you want to get involved or contribute to either EWB Canada or the University of Western Ontario Chapter of EWB, email me at lhockin2@gmail.com or uwo@ewb.ca.


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